VCF-2055A Very Cool 1/6 Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Heroic “Xiu Mei” Double Collector Edition



Product List:
-Emulational head sculpture (Double braids)
-Emulational head sculpture (Short hair)
-VC 3.0 middle chest female body*2 (Soft chest)
-Volunteers Army cotton-padded clothes
-Volunteers Army Cotton trousers
-White shirt
-Volunteers Armycottoncap
-Volunteers Army cotton shoes
-Cotton gloves
-Medical bag
-Leather belt
-Marching kettle
-Marching quilts
-Leather holster
-Type 51 Pistol
-Holding hand x 1 pair
-Hook gun hand x 1 pair
-Fist hand x 1 pair
-Natural hand x 1 pair

Daily clothing:
-Summer uniform (black green)
-Cap badge
-White socks
-Cloth shoes
*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
*All information is subject to changing without prior notice.