VC-CF-04 CrossFire -Double Agent “Zero”

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Product List

-Emulational head sculpture
-Very Cool joint female body
-Cream color blouse(dropped waist styles)
-Dark khaki skirt
-Black underwear
-Black knee-high
-Leather combat boots
-Long sleeve arm protection*2
-Leather arm protection*2
-Dark red leather sundries bag
-Student style backpack
-Cold weapon-dagger
-Leather dagger case
-Leather hanging at back of waist
-Bear ornaments
-Smiling face ornaments
-S belt
-Hair band
-Glock G17 pistol
-Clip for Glock G17 pistol
-Leg Holster for Glock G17 pistol
-MP7A1 sub-machine gun
-MP7A1 Clips*3
-Double clips package for MP7A1 sub-machine gun
-Natural hand-shape Gloves(1 pair)
-Hold shape gloves(1 pair)
-Fist shape gloves(1 pair)
-Hook shot glove for right hand