VC-TJ03 – Wefire of Tencent Game Third Bomb: 1/6 Blade Girl

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VERYCOOL: Wefire of Tencent Game Third Bomb: 1/6 Blade Girl

Wefire has always been a man’s battlefield, and the exciting awesome gunplay motivates the male hormone of each sharpshooter. With a gun in her left hand, this iron rose blade girl holds a sword in the right hand and shows girlish gentle in her eyes and brows. Because of the suffering in her childhood, she is hostile to the terrorist organizations. By joining the Chinese Dragon Group, she becomes a dreadful “Blade Girl”. She has charming body, beautiful face and golden long hairs, and the most attractive is her seductive uniform, so that she is the most beautiful female role.

“Guns on hand, Combating anytime!”

Product name: 1/6 Blade Girl
Product NO.: VC-TJ-03
Product List:

– Emulational head sculpture*1
– Very Cool joint female body*1
– Dark blue sailor suit*1
– Dark blue sailor skirt*1
– Black hole stockings (1 Pair)
– Leather wrapped chest strap *1
– Badge*1
– High-heeled shoes (1 Pair)
– Red scarf *1
– Hair bands *1
– Japanese samurai sword *1
– Scabbard *1
– Scabbard band *1
– Cartridge bag (large) * 2
– Cartridge bag (small) * 2
– MP7 submachine gun
– MP7 submachine gun clip * 3
– Natural hand shape bandage hand*(1 pair)
– Holding hand shape bandage hand (1 pair)
– Hook gun hand shape bandage right hand *1