ERGHLC001 – GoHero x Executive Replicas Zappy (Mysterious Laser Boy of Space) Ltd. Edition 9” Vinyl Figure

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Zappy (Mysterious Laser Boy of Space) Ltd. Edition 9” Vinyl Figure w/ Accessories.

Forgotten Future is an exciting adventure that explores the story of a boy cursed with cosmic secrets of a Martian invasion that threatens humanity and the lost heroes must find in order to save the world once more. The Forgotten Future universe serves as a setting for multiple new stories and twists on old favorites. In addition to Forgotten future, Atomic Toybox and Go Hero are developing several exciting new properties to produce in-house and for third-party licensing. “Transforming classic science fiction concepts into fresh and exciting stories for a new audience is both a thrilling and gratifying experience.”-Michael Polis, Atomic Toybox Entertainment This light-hearted expression of space heroes and monsters is licensed and produced by long-time collaborator, Executive Replicas. “I fell in love with the design, illustrations and animation. We are excited to finally be making it come to life in figural form!”–Winston Dunlop II, co-founder of Executive Replicas. GoHero and Executive Replicas have co-produced high-end collectibles, many of which were the first-ever figure of beloved pop-culture icons(The Shadow, Doc Savage, Lost in Space, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Vincent Price, Stan Lee).