ER-LC-LS – Executive Replicas LADY SATANUS 6in Action Figure

Pre-orders will close on the 31st of August 2023
ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 2nd Quarter of 2024*
*Please note that this is an estimate and not a guarantee

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Little is known about the origins of Lady Satanus. Against her better judgment, she joined the Sworn to avenge her brother Thanatos’ murder and proved to be immensely powerful. Though cold, aloof and with an air of superiority, she has an affection for humankind. She continues to fight by the Sworn’s side because she finds their antics amusing. Left to her own devices, she lives a life of luxury and divides her time between indulging her sensual appetites, hunting corrupt human souls.


  • 28 Points of Articulation
  • Golden Trident
  • 2 Grip Hands
  • 2 Open Hands
  • 2 Fists
  • Removable Cape


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