ERGH- ZAP Executive Replicas-Go Hero Zappy – Mysterious Laser Boy of Space



What happens when a boy is brain-blasted by a Martian Mind-Master, cursing him with cosmic secrets beyond human comprehension? Zappy – Mysterious Laser Boy of Space© is born!

Zappy© uses his alien abilities and trusty Atomitech© to take on Moon Goons©, Mechanibals©, Monsteroids© in the Forgotten Future©!

Part Lists:
  • Moleculon’s Oblit-O-Ray© (Ray gun accessory)
  • Sky Marshal 3000 Rocket Pack (Jet pack accessory)
  • Radiation Resistant Atomitech© Onesie
  • Cosmic-Cranial Containment Unit
  • Xeno-Detector Z-Ray Visor
  • Auto-Fusion Power Holster