411-200192C – X-Plus Masterpiece Series – A PRINCESS OF MARS “Dejah Thoris” Polystone Statue

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Ah… Princess of Mars, her beauty eternal…

Young men once were, and still are entranced by the cover art and enthralled by its thrilling tale that would never betray them.It makes one wonder how many gazes this illustration has captured!

Other versions of “Dejah Thoris” have been produced by many other illustrators before, but we can say that, without a shred of doubt, the version of Dejah Thoris created by the hands of Motoichiro Takebe is “our” princess.

That moment of entrancement, that moment of gazing upon her beauty and dreaming to meet her just once… Many must have experienced this feeling!

We started this project in the hopes of making this essentially unreachable dream come true, even if only a little. And, after eight years of working together with the original publisher of the Japanese version, Tokyo Sogensha, the time has finally come when we can bring this princess to you.We received much of the guidance for this journey from both Tokyo Sogensha and Beniko Sato , the artist’s daughter, for which we will be forever grateful.

Product Dimensions: Approx. H: 22cm x W: 18cm x D: 11cm (Base Diameter: 22cm)
Product Type: Fully Assembled and Painted Statue
Materials: Polystone, PU, brass, EVA, Paper