411-200255C – X-Plus TOHO 30cm Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla 1993 Gallant Figure in the Suzuka Mountains

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“Godzilla (1993) Gallant Figure in the Suzuka Mountains” joins the “Sakai Yuji Modeling Collection” soft vinyl series produced and sculpted by Sakai Yuji! “Godzilla (1993) Gallant Figure in the Suzuka Mountains” was released as a garage kit in 2018 as a commemorative piece for the 25th Anniversary for the Sakai Yuji Sculpting Studio. Now, this piece is joining Sakai Yuji’s popular series, the “Sakai Yuji Modeling Collection,” as a pre-painted soft vinyl figure, created from the same mold as the garage kit. Sakai Yuji has skillfully recreated the intimidatingly cool Godzilla standing with its tail held high in the Suzuka Mountains as it stares down Mechagodzilla in the famous scene seen in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla Ⅱ (released in 1993). The distinctive features of Godzilla (1993), such as its long legs and dignified expression, are accurately sculpted, boasting a level of completion that seems to have come straight out of the movie. When the work was announced, Sakai personally searched for and photographed backgrounds in the local areas to capture the feel given off by the film. He even went as far as sculpting a diorama in front of Godzilla to create a package that matches the atmosphere of the film, which speaks to the dedication and depth of emotion that Sakai feels towards his work. We have also tried to recreate the same atmosphere using Mr. Sakai’s very own photographs, which we hope future collectors will appreciate. This Godzilla, which stands bravely as it stares down its archenemy, Mechagodzilla, is truly the “Gallant Figure in the Suzuka Mountains.” We hope collectors enjoy the artistic beauty of this masterpiece that draws out all the charm of the original material.

Additionally, a master mold has been created by converting Sakai’s cast prototype into wax. This product exclusively uses this mold for its production which helps minimize the wear and tear when converting a product to a soft vinyl version, allowing us to focus on reproducing the intricate details as much as possible.

Series Title: Toho 30cm Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection
Product Name: Godzilla (1993) Gallant Figure in the Suzuka Mountains
Product Dimensions: Height: Approx. 35cm, Length: Approx. 35cm
Product Type: Complete Painted Figure
Materials: PVC, MBS, Iron