SA9062 Star Ace Series 30cm Polyresin Statue – Homunculus ( Deluxe ver.)



The Homunculus is a small creature created by an evil sorcerer to do his bidding.  It’s vaguely human shaped with batlike wings and a gargoyle face.  The tiny demon acts as a spy for the villain, reporting on the hero’s actions and trying to thwart them at every turn.

Star Ace has recreated the Homunculus that Ray Harryhausen brought to the screen. Sculpted by the artisans at Kaibutsuya, this polyresin statue is approximately 30cm tall with a wingspan of 32cm.

The Deluxe version of the statue comes with a polyresin diorama base featuring the magic golden amulet.

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Copyright: Ray Harryhausen (100th anniversary series)