SA-411-200088T Star Ace X-Plus New series – Vampirella 2.0 (JOSE GONZALEZ Edition) Model kit (1/8 scale)



Be enthralled by Vampirella’s commanding gaze in this finely detailed model based on José González’s work. First designed by José González in 1969 and later in September 1972’s Super Special Issue, one of the many collected annuals of Vampirella, the work also marked the introduction of Carol de Haro as the real life model for Vampirella, appearing on covers and in comic strips throughout the 70’s. Now, taking the striking image that José González is best known for, X PLUS has created the pose in immaculate detail, from the individual strands of hair and subtle musculature, to the signature vampire bat perched atop Vampirella’s outstretched, delicate hand. As a welcome embellishment, Vampirella has an entirely new, but particularly thematic base to stand upon. A mound of bones and skulls rest at her feet. Upon closer inspection, fans may notice that these aren’t human skulls, but ones belonging to fellow vampires, with the telltale hint of fangs on each.

Product Description:
 The X Plus Plastic Model series has begun at last!
Out of a deep respect for the legendary plastic model creator “Aurora Plastic Company,” Shonen Ric has decided to bring back a new Plastic Model series that still somehow takes you back to the old days.
The first member of this series is no other than the famous U.S. comic queen “Vampirella” illustrated by several different artists that have been well-known over the past fifty years thanks to her lasting popularity.
This 1/8 scale model features the comic queen striking a pose based on the box art of Aurora’s 1/13 scale plastic model of Vampirella.
The base features a tomb stone and two bats which really enhances her origin story as a vampire