411-200086C – X-Plus Deforeal Iris

Pre-orders will close on the 6th of November 2023
ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 1st Quarter of 2024*
*Please note that this is an estimate and not a guarantee

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Iris from “Gamera 3: The Absolute Guardian Of The Universe” (1999) is coming to DefoReal! Iris evolves and grows in response to Ayana’s hatred, and engages in a fierce battle with Gamera at Kyoto Station. The deformed yet realistic modeling of Iris’ beautiful and disastrous appearance has been reproduced. A head resembling a distinctive single eye and other features are sculpted to compress a wealth of information. The four tentacles are designed to be bendable, allowing for dynamic posing. Please enjoy it at your fingertips!

Series Title: Deforeal
Product Name: Iris
Product Dimensions: Height: Approx. 17cm
Product Type: Complete Painted Figure
Materials: PVC