XP 411-2000 Star Ace X-Plus Deforeal Series – DF Legion



Product DescriptionLegion from “Gamera 2: Asslut of Legion” now appears in DefoReal! When the Lord asked, “What is your name?” It answers, ”My name is Legion, we are many.” Legion, a mysterious creature from space, arrived with falling meteorites. With its form reminiscent
of a deadly arthropod, Queen Legion has been sent to Earth to spread its breeding seeds and to colonize the planet, which attacked big cities with soldier Legion: Deformed and sculpted in the finest detail. Enjoy the realistic detail as well as the charm of the deformed modeling. Both eyes, the center of the head, and the egg chamber in the abdomen are reproduced with transparent parts. Enjoy this new DeForeal Model
Series: Deforeal series
Product name: DF Legion

Product Dimension:Height : Approx 18.5cm Length: 21.5c

Copyright : ©KADOKAWA NHFN/1996