SA8006B Star Ace 1/8 Dementor/Lord Voldemort Collectibles Action Figures



We are pleased to announce that the fifth character in Star Ace’s Real Master Series of 1/8 scale collectible action figures is “1/8 Scale Dementor” from the movie of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Apart from the main characters from the Harry Potter, we also introduce the Dementor for our collectors with the combination of the 1st and 2nd release of the Harry Potter together. With the perfect balance of realism with a compact size, the 1:8 scale Real Master Series delivers a collectible that is easily displayed and affordable.

This 1/8 scale collectible figure comes with 1 head. And we have also have 2 options twin pack (either with Harry Potter 1:8 (SA8001) or with Lord Voldemort (SA8002) with great discount price for the 1st and 2nd release items.

The 1/8 scale Dementor will be available Q3 of 2018.

Therefore, we would like to start the pre-orders for “The Dementor” today. In order to have more choices for the collectors, the SA8006A (twin pack with Harry Potter 1/8), SA8006B (twin pack with Lord Voldemort 1/8) and SA8006C (single pack alone) respectively.