VCF-3003A VERYCOOL Palm Treasure Series 1/12 “Dou Zhan Shen” – “Monkey King”



I want this day, it can’t cover my eyes. I want this land, it can not bury my heart.
I want all life understands my meaning. I want those Buddhas to be lost in a cloud.
Born in heaven and earth cultivation, swim in the Dragon Palace, enter the underworld, enter the heaven, cancel life and death, fly high.
Do not believe that there is a place where it can not be set foot in the world, do not believe that there is a destiny that can not be changed in the world.
Battle with heaven and earth, laugh and point to the god and Buddha, when he raised his golden cudgel, all the injustice of the world will become smithereens …
“Dou Zhan Shen” No. 1 character hot debut!

Product List:
-Monkey normal expression head sculpture
-1/12 Man body
-Replace hand type (one pair of grip stick hand type + one claw type left hand + one finger type left hand)

-Gold bronze color battle armour
-Black jacket
-Black trousers
-A pair of boots module
-A pair of shoulder-armour
-A pair of barcer
-A pair of gold bronze mountain pattern armour
-Leather guard waist
-Silk red scarf
-Red luck cloud patten front brand
-Black belt
-Waist ornaments
-Hemp rope

-Golden cudgel

*For the convenience of player collection, all leather parts are made of leather.
*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
*All information is subject to changing without prior notice.