SA5015 Star Ace Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) “WONDER WILD” series 37cm Polyresin Statue & Fossil Replica(Deluxe ver.)



The king of the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the new in the “Wonders of the Wild” series. Living in the late Cretaceous period (66-68 million years ago) and often growing larger than 12 meters long, the Tyrannosaurus is the most fearsome creature that ever lived.  With 60 teeth in their powerful jaws the T-Rex could crush the bones of its prey.

Famed dinosaur sculptor Sean Cooper has sculpted this great beast based on the latest scientific evidence.  This polyresin statue is 37cm long and features an environmental diorama base representing its natural habitat with a name plate identifying the scientific name and location.

BAR Code: 4 89705 788515 7

Product Name: Pre-Historic Creatures & Fossil
Series: Wonders of the Wild Series


The Deluxe set includes a sculpted replica of the fossil as it was found by paleontologists. The fossil replica is also available separately.