SA4022 – STAR ACE – Ray Harryhausen’s Pegasus 2.0: The Flying Horse (Deluxe Version)

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ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 2nd Quarter of 2024*
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Embark on a journey into the realm of cinematic magic with the Star Ace polyresin statue of the winged-wonder horse Pegasus, inspired by the legendary work of Ray Harryhausen. This 46 cm tall masterpiece pays homage to the visionary animator’s iconic creations, bringing to life the awe-inspiring Pegasus in all its mythical glory.

Capturing the essence of Ray Harryhausen’s distinctive style, this polyresin statue showcases Pegasus with front legs raised and wings gracefully spread wide. The dynamic pose and intricate detailing mirror the artistry that made Harryhausen a pioneer in stop-motion animation, allowing you to own a piece of cinematic history.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of stop-motion animation or a collector of iconic cinematic memorabilia, the Star Ace Polyresin Statue of Pegasus is a testament to the enduring legacy of Ray Harryhausen. Revel in the timeless charm of this masterpiece and showcase your appreciation for the artistry that continues to inspire generations.

The Deluxe Version includes an in-scale companion – Bubo the owl. This meticulously crafted addition adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to your collection. Bubo’s presence alongside Pegasus completes the scene, immersing you in the enchanting world of Harryhausen’s imagination.

To further enhance the cinematic spectacle, the Deluxe Version features a light-up base. Immerse yourself in the magic as the soft glow emanates from beneath, creating a captivating ambiance reminiscent of the fantastical worlds brought to life by Ray Harryhausen.


Scale: 46cm tall Polyresin Statue
Product Size: Approx. 46cm height
Product Weight: Approx. 4.5kg