SA-XP8265 Star Ace 15cm Defo-real series – DF Godzilla 1999



DF Godzilla 1999

Godzilla from Godzilla 2000 is now available in the
Deforeal series, our popular series that takes on
the concept of “Déformer × Real.”

The Godzilla of the new millennium from the ferocious battle with Orga joins theDeforeal series!
This model of Godzilla features a realistic full-bodied
form and sharp dorsal spikes thathave been
faithfully recreated while maintaining perfect
balance between cuteness and its awesomeness.

What’s more is that this Shonen RIC exclusive
edition comes with a swappable lower jaw and
boat to let you recreate the unforgettable scene
from the film where Godzilla clutches a boat in his fearsome
jaws! This palm-sized Godzilla is the perfect addition to any collection!