PL2014-58 – 1/6 Secret Lives of Julie Newmar Action

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Julie Newmar’s talents include her beauty, brains, and a charming sense of humor. At age 17 she was the original “Golden Girl,” a statue-come-to-life dancing in “Serpent of the Nile,” and was one of the brides in the classic MGM musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” She won a Tony for her first speaking role in the hit comedy “Marriage-Go-Round”. Her legs were insured for $10 million (except in the event of theft). Ms. Newmar made the transition to TV, best known for her comedic as well as supernatural roles. Some of her notable roles and appearances include the “Twilight Zone” as The Devil, the lead in “My Living Doll” as Rhoda the robot, Catwoman in “Batman”, “Wide, Wide World of Sports”, “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, and many others. Her beauty is matched by her charisma, sense of humor, and physicality made her a stand out. In her 60s, she became a modeling sensation in Paris for Thierry Mugler and appeared among the fashion world’s most gorgeous divas. Julie’s name literally became box office via “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar,” a film from Stephen Spielberg’s company. From the 1960s into the 21st century, Julie is still fascinating. “Beauty is her business” in TV, film, dance, art, and even in or gardening, which has led to rose, day lily, and an orchid named in her honor. Julie Newmar is a one of a kind renaissance woman.

Part List

1.) Phicen seamless female figure body with plastic armature * 1pc
2.) head sculpt * 1pc
3.) tight jumpsuit * 1pc
4.) removable sleevelets * 1pair
5.) belt * 1pc
6.) interchangeable claw hands * 3pairs
7.) knee boots * 1pair
8.) kitty cat * 1pc
9.) base for the figure* 1pc
10.) 4 color packaging * 1set