PLLB2013-16 – Female Seamless Body in Pale/Large Bust Size Ver.

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Female Seamless Body in Pale/Large Bust Size Ver.04

Product Specification:

  • Body Ver.04
  • Modularization Face
  • Modularization Scalp
  • Modularization Eyeball
  • Hands
  • Bare Feet
  • Bikini
  • Turban

The Ver.04 mid bust body that we adopted the food grade new skin materials, movability has the greatly improved, not easy to stain and cracking. And simulate the texture of the real skin.The range of activities than the Ver.03 body has been significantly improved and easy to shape, can be show the simulation model more truly. For the headsculpt, we adopted the modularization for eyeball and scalp, consumer can be according preference their own to replace the eyes and hairstyle.