IFT019 – X Newsoul Toys Soul Of Tiger Generals – Zhang Yide & Th

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  • An Elaborate-carving head
  • Approximately 33 cm tall
  • Newly designed strong body
  • 7 pieces of interchangeable palms


  • Black Underwear
  • Black Bloomers
  • General’s Cloak
  • A suit of armor (including a waist support, a belt, etc)

The Wuzhui Horse:

  • 1:6 movable horse(Including two interchangeable horse heads with different expression)
  • Over 20 movable joints
  • Armour for a horse, Saddler, trappings with saddle,halter,etc.


  • A Flag(including the base)

Bonus: The purchaser who buys the toy suit of Zhang Yide & The Wuzhui Horse can be presented with a black cloak,a white waist support,shapers. You can make a half martial attire figure!