IFT-028- Story Of Journey To The West Series MONKEY KING ON THRO

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Specification of the product:

– An Elaborate-carving head(A new look)
– A male body
– 9 pieces of interchangeable palms
– Approximately 30 cm tall

– Red robes
– Yellow bloomers
– Red cloak

A suit of armor:
– Monkey King’s newly designed armor(including Purple gold crown, a waist support, a belt, etc)

– Square stage with flexible pillar
– Monkey King’s throne
– The tiger’s skin on the throne(with tiger’s head and paws)
– A flag
– The flag base with dragon pattern

– Golden cudgel

Exclusive to Deluxe Version:
– 4 Monkey soldiers
“patrol”, “servant” ,”brave” and “resourcefulness”
– Right hand for holding the glass
– A specially designed scene platform