ERLCMWG001 – Executive Replicas Grendel

ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 3rd Quarter of 2024*
*Please note that this is an estimate and not a guarantee

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A name that strikes fear into hearts on both sides of the law. A lethal assassin turned criminal overlord, Grendel rules the underworld of New York and, eventually, the American east coast with a strict code of conduct and merciless judgments. By day, Hunter Rose is a dashing and world-renowned author but in his alter-ego as the masked and mysterious Grendel, he leads a double life of intrigue and adventure. His iconic mask and deadly twin-bladed fork are the symbols of his deadly dominion.

Matt Wagner’s award-winning creation is an original powerhouse of the indy comics scene and has set the standard in ground-breaking narrative drama for over four decades. Over the years, a veritable who’s who of comic-book superstars have contributed to GRENDEL’s dark legacy, including—Tim Sale, Frank Miller, Paul Pope, Mike Allred, David Mack, Jill Thompson, Derrick Robertson, Darwyn Cooke and Kelley Jones, to name just a few.


  • 33 Points of Articulation
  • Hunter Rose Head x 1
  • Spear x 1
  • Fists x 2 Pieces
  • Grip hands x 2 Pieces
  • Action Hands x 2 Pieces
  • Relaxed Hands x 2 Pieces