COO-SE028 COO Model II Naomasa The Scarlet Yaksha Standard Edition



Product Includes:

One (1) realistic head sculpture of Ii Naomasa with magnetic topknot
One (1) action body
Eight (8) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
One (1) black jubbah (underwear)
One (1) red kosode (coat)
One (1) black kakuobi (waist band)
One (1) pair of red and black hakama (trousers)
One (1) pair of red metal waraji (sandals)
One (1) red kabuto (helmet) with gold horns
One (1) red nodowa (neck armor)
One (1) red munaita (chest armor)
One (1) suit of red and blue gusoku (armor)
One (1) pair of red kote (vambraces)
One (1) pair of red haidate (cuishes)
One (1) pair of red and gold suneate (jambeaus)
One (1) blue and white seno (armor tie)
One (1) katana (long sword)
One (1) red katana scabbard
One (1) wakizashi (short sword)
One (1) red wakizashi scabbard
One (1) cross spear
One (1) round figure stand