COO-PE003 COO Model 1/12 Pocket Empires Teutonic Knight Figure



Product Includes:

One (1) head sculpture
One (1) body
Four (4) pieces of interchangeable palms (2 fists and 2 open palms)
Four (4) pieces of armed palms (2 weapon-holding hands and 2 relaxed palms)
One (1) silver winged helmet
One (1) suit of chain armor
One (1) pair of forearm armors
One (1) white sleeveless robe with black cross on
One (1) leather belt
One (1) pair of black trousers
One (1) pair of leather boots
One (1) sword with scabbard
One (1) dagger with scabbard
One (1) white shield with black cross on
One (1) black figure stand