411-200212CP – X-Plus 1/8 Plastic Model Kit VAMPIRELLA JOSE GONZALEZ EDITION (Glows in the Dark)

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Introducing the reissued Vampirella with an alluring twist: she glows in the dark! Get ready to be captivated once more by her commanding gaze and iconic pose.

Originally brought to life by José González in 1969, Vampirella’s allure has remained unforgettable throughout her various appearances.

In September 1972’s Super Special Issue, Vampirella’s legacy soared even higher with the introduction of Carol de Haro as the real-life model. She graced covers and comic strips, etching her image into the hearts of fans throughout the 70’s.

Now, X-PLUS has meticulously recreated José González’s striking artwork, capturing every intricate detail, from the flowing strands of hair to the subtle contours of her musculature.

As an exquisite touch, Vampirella stands upon a thematic base adorned with a mound of bones and skulls. But look closer, for these are not ordinary skulls—they belong to fellow vampires, each bearing the unmistakable fangs that mark their kind.

This re-release of the Vampirella model kit transcends the ordinary, as her radiant beauty is enhanced by the captivating pink glow that emanates from her very being. Prepare to be spellbound by the mesmerizing combination of José González’s artistry and the ethereal radiance of Vampirella herself.

Product Dimensions: Height : Approx 23cm
Product Type: All Plastic Assembly kit
Materials: HIPS