VCF-2057 Very Cool 1/6 The Witch Bayonetta Action Figure



Her eyes were cold and evil,a black jumpsuit envelops the hot figure.
the silky beautiful back makes people unable to move their eyes.
the delicate make-up complements the flowing hair,sometimes evil smiles,sometimes staring into the abyss.
There is only one royal sister in the world,That’s BAYONETTA!

Product List:
– Emulational head sculpture
– Super flexible female seamless body
– Jumpsuits
– High heels(Cloth+Leather)
– Glasses
– Badge
– Pendant * 6
– Earrings * 2
– Pistol* 4
– Pistol pendant *4
– Hook gunshape glove(1 pair)
– Natural hand-shape gloves(1 pair)
– Hold shape gloves(1 pair)

*The clothes are made of stretch fabric,can do a variety of large movements,and no discoloration has been found so far.

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
*All information is subject to changing without prior notice.