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SoldierStory 1/6 “GHOSTBUSTERS” (1984) – Dr. PETER VENKMAN (STD VER.) 1/6 scale Diecast collectible figure

Soldier Story proudly presents the accurate crafted 1/6 scale collectible figure from one of the most classic action movie – “GHOSTBUSTERS” (1984). This brand new collectible figure featuring lifelike Venkman headsculpt, hand crafted uniform, utility belt kit and boots, “No Ghost” logo figure stand, highly detailed movie accurate metal parts proton pack and accessories, also the battery light- up effect proton pack and stream just like in the movie !! There will be Venkman’s movie business suit costume in our special edition set.


  • lifelike Venkman headsculpt S2.5
  • Body Bare hands (1 pair)
  • Bare foots (1 pair)
  • Gloved hands (1 pair)
  • Utility belt Belt
  • Gizmo Belt
  • keychain (style A)
  • Belt keychain (style B)
  • Radio holster
  • Radio Leg hose & connector

Metal Parts:

  • proton Pack /w light effect
  • Proton gun body /w light effect
  • Proton gun barrel (A) /w RGB LED light effect (3 colors)
  • Proton gun barrel (B) /w RGB LED light effect (3 colors)
  • Proton stream /w light effect
  • Voice note watch
  • Lighted cigarette Metal LC1 ALICE pack
  • Khaki flight suit /w name tag & “no ghost” patch
  • Black T-Shirt
  • Folded gloves (1 pair)
  • Elbow pads (1 pair)
  • Jump boots (1 pair)
  • “No ghost” logo stand.

The deluxe VENKMAN figure comes with all standard contents and “EXCLUSIVE” movie accurate tailor made 1/6 scale business suit just like the movie! Don’t miss the chance to get this limited deluxe ver.