SCFC003 – ShumiRai 1/6 Hikaru – The Bounty Hunter (Standard Edition)

Pre-orders will close on the 23th of June 2023
ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 2nd Quarter of 2024*
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Product name: Hikaru (カルヒ)
Product No.: SCFC003
Manufacturer: SHUMI ARTS
Product Materials: Metal, Fabric, Resin, PVC, ABS


Hikaru, the first character of the cyberpunk concept figure brand “ShumiRai” launched by Shumi Arts Corporation.

This figure produced based on the original cyberpunk concept illustration 「Hikaru」 Created by illustrator 「Gharliera」

  • Costume/Accessories Compositions:
    – A Leather-like Red Jacket
    – A Printed white T-shirt
    – Red Short Pants
    – Sneakers-type Shoes
    – Katana x 1
    – Cyberpunk-style blade x 1
    – A Throwing-knife x 3
    – One hand x 2 (one pair), Knife and Grip hands x 2 (one pair), Fist hands x 2 (one pair), Posing hands x 1 (right hand)
    – Body containing 20 die cast joints x 1
    – Goggles x 1
    – Pelican bag x 1
    – Black backpack x 1
    – Choker x 1
    – Black Stand x 1