SA-6041 Star Ace DF Regan MacNeil 15cm Polyresin Defo-Real Series Statue



The Exorcist is a classic horror movie that introduced the world to demonic possession and the 12-year-old girl, Regan, who had been possessed by a demon. The demon inflicted all kinds of terrors on the girl, including vomiting green slime and distorting her body in unnatural ways, including turning her head 360 degrees.
This Defo Real figure of the possessed Regan features a 15 cm polyresin statue with a real fabric nightdress and sewn-in life-like hair.  The demonic smiling head has pea soup drool down her chin and can turn all the way around.

Product Size : L 80mm W 95mm H 150mm
Product Weight : 0.9 Kg
Dimension : 210H x 170W x 140D mm
(Dimension and weight could change later.)
Pcs / carton : 8pcs (outer)
Packing : Closed box with EPE
EAN Code : 4 89705 788 641 3