POP-EE001 – POP COSTUME 1/6 The Evolution of Europe – Battle of Crécy 1346 French Mercenaries – Genoese Crossbowmen Captain

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The Genoese Crossbowmen were a famous military corps of the Middle Ages, which acted both in defense of the Republic of Genoa and as a mercenary force for other Italian or European powers. Commanders of the companies usually came from the noble families of the city. The main armament of the Genoese crossbowmen was the crossbow. As well, the mercenaries were equipped with a dagger, a light metal helmet, a gorget, a hauberk and a large shield, which was used while reloading the crossbow. The Genoese crossbowmen came to prominence during the First Crusade. The Genoese crossbowmen remained one of the most respected military corps until the 16th century, well after the introduction of black-powder weapons in Europe. During this period, they participated in numerous famous battles, including the Battle of Cresy.

During the Battle of Crésy, a large force of French mercenary crossbowmen was routed by Welsh and English longbowmen.

In August 26th 1346, the Genoese crossbowmen were employed by the French in the first line against the English. They attack the archers who cover the left flank of the British army. These Genoese crossbowmen are very powerful and equipped with projective weapons. Unfortunately, the British longbows have a longer range, and the British bowmen stand high and shoot down the mountain. And the Genoese crossbowman shoots from bottom to top under backlighting conditions. In contrast, the British attack was much more effective, taking advantage of its range, power, and terrain. The Genoese crossbowmen suffered heavy casualties. Finally, the Battle of Cresy ended with a great victory for the British.


  • Head x 1
  • Body x 1
  • Ordinary hands x 1 Pair
  • Hold sword hands x 1 Pair
  • Upper x 1
  • Pants x 1 Pair
  • Boots x 1 Pair (Leather)
  • Cloak x 1
  • Belt x 1 (Leather)
  • Weapon Straps x 1
  • Helmet x 1 (Pure Copper)
  • Visor x 1 (Pure Copper)
  • Body Armor x 1 (Pure Copper)
  • Knee Panels x 1 Pair (Pure Copper)
  • Dagger x 1
  • Double Edged Axe x 1
  • Crossbow x 1
  • Upper Chord x 1
  • Crossbow Arrows x 5 Pieces
  • Arrow Tube x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Arrows x 3
  • Figure Stand x 1