PLLB2020-S43 TBLeague Phicen 1:6 Super-Flexible Seamless Suntan Body with Head Sculpt



NEW Girls Coming!
Tall, big-boned and robust, but without big muscle masses,
their body shape is smooth and rounded and exudes feminine tenderness. Its attached-feet design better preserves the figure’s beauty.
height: 295 mm
Bust:150 mm
Waist:105 mm
hips :156mm

Packing List:
S42/ S43(plae/suntan, a head sculpt included)
1、1 × head sculpt
2、1 × TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
3、3 pairs × interchangeable hands
4、1 × bikini(for free)
5、1 × base & holder
6、4 color packaging