NIG-2401 – NIGHTSAYS × ONE HEZHONGXIANG – 1/6 Mystery in a Book Series Scarecrow

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ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 1st Quarter of 2025*
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This work is designed by artist Nightsays as the second in the “Mystery in a Book” series. Re-deconstruct and design based on the scarecrow prototype.

If you want to trace the origin of this series, it is to reconstruct the classic fairy tale from the perspective of Nightsays. I hope that more and more classic characters will come to collectors.

“What if the scarecrow in the story is a mechanic? Or does he possess dark magic props or abilities? What kind of adventures will there be in the mysterious world?” Inspired by this question, Nightsays designs horror, dark, or strange stories. Various scenes and props.

In order to express the final effect of the finished product, we use a variety of materials in combination to ensure that the final high-quality product is presented to everyone.


Brand Name: Yihezhongxiang
Author: Nightsays
Title: Nightsays × Yihezhongxiang “Book Mystery Series” second scarecrow – 1/6 Collection-grade Movable Figure
Material: ABS, Vinyl, PVC, Real Fabric, Polystone, Metal, etc.
Scale: 1/6 (Cross Platform: H: 48cm, Doll: H: 35cm)


  • Movable Body x 1
  • Head Sculpture x 1
  • Mask x 1
  • Brown Coat x 1
  • Shirt x 1
  • Pants x 1
  • Leg Leather Bag x 1
  • Natural Hand Type x 1 Pair
  • Holding Hand Type x 1 Pair
  • Dark Brown Shoes x 1 Pair
  • Sickle x 1
  • Flame Special Effects Piece x 1
  • Venom Special Effects Piece x 1
  • Ice Cube Special Effects Piece x 1
  • Small Bottle x 3
  • Large Jar x 1
  • Frozen Fly Monkey x 1
  • Flying Monkey Palm x 1
  • Crown Monkey Head x 1
  • Upper Body Mechanical Equipment x 1