I8-MA-CZ001 – I8Toys 1/6 Mentality Agency Series “Candy” (Standard Version)

Pre-orders will close on the 8th of August 2023
ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 1st Quarter of 2024*
*Please note that this is an estimate and not a guarantee

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1/6 “Candy” (Mentality® Agency Series) Collectible Action Figure Includes:

  • 1/6 Female body (hybrid teenage body with metal skeleton) x 1pc, height about 28.5cm tall.
  • “Candy” Head Sculpt Normal expression (Moveable Eyes) x 1pc
  • “Candy” Head Sculpt Cute expression (Moveable eye) x 1pc
  • Interchangeable tongue (long) x 1pc
  • Interchangeable tongue (short) x 1pc
  • Big Ponytail hair (moveable ponytail) x 1pc
  • Detachable Eye Patch x 1pc
  • Hands (Left hands) x 4pcs
  • Armor Hands (Right hands) x 4pcs
  • Short sleeved uniform x 1pc
  • Short Skirt(incl. Underwear) x 1pc
  • Belt x 1pc
  • Neck Ring x 1pc
  • Tie x 1pc
  • Tactical Strap x 1pc
  • Tactical Arm Armor x 1pc
  • Tactical Backpack x 2pcs
  • Skirt Armor x 4pcs
  • Long Boots (feet included) x 1pair
  • Moveable Left Arm x 1pc
  • Axe Staff x 1pc
  • Lollipop x 1pc