I8-H004C – I8Toys 1/6 The Girl Next Door “Mandy” – Head Pack

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In everyone’s heart, there is a girl next door.
With big dark eyes, deep and mysterious.
Soft and full red lips, alluring and tempting.
Beautiful and straight nose, delicate and lovely.
Smooth and delicate rosy cheeks, as delicate as a blown bubble.
Freshly baked steamed buns, perfectly plump.

Mandy, at the age of eighteen, comes from a wealthy family, with both parents being doctors. She was brought up strictly. Her parents hope she will become a doctor as well. However, Mandy has been rebellious since childhood. Like most teenagers, she is independent and confused during her adolescence, wandering between calmness and anxiety, searching for a little difference in her ordinary life. Perhaps, we all grow up this way.

In the new school year, Mandy is a transfer student to the “Lost Academy.” In this mysterious “Lost Academy,” you would inexplicably hear voices. It’s not quite accurate to say that you hear them because they seem to naturally generate within your body and transmit from the void, without a direction or a sense of distance.

“You finally came,” the voice is both familiar and unfamiliar. Mandy closes her eyes and follows the guidance of the voice. After an unknown amount of time, Mandy opens her eyes. In front of her is a black door with four words written prominently on it: “That Swimming Pool.” Mandy pushes open the door and is greeted by a sacred light. She immerses herself in the light and takes a series of photos…

1/6 The Girl Next Door “Mandy” – Head Pack Includes:

  • 1 x Detailed Facial Skin Mandy Head (with Moveable Crystal Eyes)
  • Hair Style:
    – I8-H004C – C version Hair Style