GKS004-1/6 Gangsters Kingdom – Side Story – Neil (2

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Side Story:Neil Wrath is easy to get. Chance is hard to wait for.
Neil is a British guy who earned his fame among American gangsters. He is the only white man respected by either British, Japanese or Chinese gangs. His grandfather was a lieutenant of an early British gang in America. His father was sent to China for family business in the 50s and took young Neil to Guangdong, where Neil spent his childhood. For safety concerns Neil’s father hired many local masters of martial arts as bodyguards. That was when Neil started to fascinate about mysterious Chinese Kong Fu. Not only did he learn several sets of Kong Fu from their family bodyguards, he also made friends with Hong Wu, who has become the boss of Triad nowadays. In the 60s, to avoid the political turmoil, Neil’s father took Neil along with the family business to Japan. During their several years in Japan, Neil saved a teenager who was hunted by rival gang- who turned out to be the oldest son of the boss of a Japanese gang, Kojiro. Showing his gratitude, Kojiro’s father taught Neil their family heirloom – Kenjutsu.

Products Details:

  • Headsculpture
  • Action body
  • White T-shirt
  • Yellow silk uniforms
  • Black uniforms
  • Black athletic pants
  • Tatami
  • The flute
  • Samurai sword
  • Shoes
  • White socks
  • Palm x8