DMS017 Dam Toys 1/6 Martial Universe Mu Qianqian Played Liu Yan Figure



This series is adapted from the online novel of the same name by Li Hu. It tells the story of a small-town child, unfavoured and marginalized by his family. It is an inspiring tale of overcoming countless obstacles, gradually defeating evil and eventually prevailing as a hero who’s found love and friendship

The show premiered on the Dragon TV weekly broadcast and simultaneously on Youku On August 7th, 2018.
On January 12, 2019, the show won the annual IP Adaptation Network Drama Award at the 3rd Golden Guduo Film & TV Festival.

Mu Qianqian
Played by: Liu Yan

List of Parts:
Exquisite realistic head sculpt
DAM female posable body

4 Interchangeable Hand:
1 pair of knife holding hands
1 pair of open palms

Exquisite Headband
Exquisite Headwear
Shoulder Armor
Fitting Armor
Blue Lining
Blue Front Piece
Purple Dress
Belt Waist Pack
Sword Holster

Weapon: Sword
Accessories: Custom base with Martial Universe logo and purple smoke effect