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Dune is a legendary Hollywood science fiction masterpiece created by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by Denis Villeneuve (director of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049), the new master of science fiction cinema. The film is based on Frank Herbert’s well-known science fiction novel, starring Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Zendaya, Chang Chen, Jason Momoa, and Javier Bardem.

AUG TOYS has developed a 31cm tall (~12 in.) figure with more than 30 movable joints based on the likeness of Paul Atreides in the new movie DUNE. The AUG TOYS production team recreates the formal dress of Paul Atreides of House Atreides in 1:6 scale according to the texture, material, and line proportion of the movie costume. As the son and heir of the great Duke of House Atreides, Paul welcomes the decree from Padishah Emperor. For the solemn and grand ceremony, Paul’s dress is decorated with exclusive gold trim on the shoulders and collar denoting his family and rank. Durable leather material was used in construction of the boots in keeping with the expectations of high-end collectible figures. The lifelike head sculpt in the likeness of Paul, as played by Timothée Chalamet, is included. In addition to the nine interchangeable hand shapes, the AUGTOYS team has specially included a functioning hovering light that appears several times in the film. Follow Paul’s training with the book and encyclopedia, and the pain box is a must-have for Dune fans when Paul is tested by the Bene Geserrit!

AUG TOYS has announced that the second figure in this series will be Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck, which will be announced for pre-order soon.


  • Basic Head Sculpture
  • 30 Articulated Movable Elements
  • 9 Interchangeable Hands Including:
    – A Pair of Natural Hands
    – A Pair of Holding Hands
    – A Outstretched Hand
    – A Pair of Gloved Hands Holding an Object
    – A Pair of Natural and Gloved Hands
  • Clothing:
    – One Hat
    – One Army Green Gown
    – A Pair of Pants in an Army Green Gown
    – A Pair of Black Boots (Leather Material)
    – A Black Trench Coat (with Built-In Wire)
  • Accessories:
    – Encyclopedia
    – Hover Lamp
    – Books
    – A Pain Box
    – Specially designed with the House Atreides Family Logo on the floor and character name tags