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The SCP Foundation is a supra-national and supra-political organization that is responsible for capturing and containing various paranormal/supernatural phenomena unexplained by mainstream science, while also keeping their existence hidden from the rest of global human society.

Now, produced by Dragon Horse Company, a new product line of 1/12 scale action figurines has been launched based upon the world of the SCP Foundation series! As the third product of this product line, we bring you the 1/12 scale action figurine of Class-D personnel, a.k.a. the “Human Guinea Pigs”!

D-Class personnel primarily handle high-risk situations involving life-threatening anomalies, performing simple tasks like facility cleaning and direct contact with SCP objects. They are often selected from death row inmates. Wearing bright orange jumpsuits, they are housed in quarters upon the completion of their duties, provided they remain alive.

This 1/12 scale action figurine is based on the appearance of former D-Class personnel, “SCP-181 ‘Lucky'” while “SCP-035 Possessive Mask” and “SCP-075 Corrosive Snail” are also bundled. Also included are some common tools frequently used by D-Class personnel such as mop, cleaner, and crowbar. Furthermore, a paper craft set including facility floor, bloodstain effects and SCP-075’s containment case will also be included, offering excellent support for figure display and photography.


  • Class-D Personnel x 1
  • Optional Head (SCP-181 “Lucky”) x 1
  • Optional Head (Asian Male) x 1
  • Optional Head (Damaged) x 1
  • Optional Hand Parts x 5 pairs
  • SCP-035 Possessive Mask x 1
  • SCP-075 Corrosive Snail x 1
  • UZI Submachine Gun x 1
  • Suppressor x 1
  • Combat Axe x 1
  • Crowbar x 1
  • Cigarette x 1
  • Cleaner x 1
  • Mop x 1
  • Papercraft Set (SCP-075 Containment Case, Ground, Bloodstains) x 1