DAM-78079 DAM Toys 1/6 Operation Urban Warrior 99 Marine Corps urban warfare exercises in Oakland Lance corporal Scott



Detailed Head sculpture
DAM 3.5 action body with over 30 points of articulations
Hands x4
USMC T-pattern urban camo BDU jacket
USMC T-pattern urban camo BDU pants
BDU belt
PASGT vest
USMC T-pattern urban camo PASGT vest cover
PASGT Helmet
USMC T-pattern urban camo PASGT Helmet cover
PVS-14/7 PASGT Helmet Mount Assembly
AN/PVS-7B night vision binocular
USGI Sun Wind & Dust SWD goggles
10’ Jungle Boots(black)
US Military issue tactical knee Pads(black)
US Military issue tactical Elbow Pads(black)
XM991/U flashlight
Lc2 suspenders
Lc2 individual equipment belt
Lc2 M16 mag ammo case x2
Lc2 water canteen cover x2
Lc2 first aid/ compass case
Woodland camo field pack
Medical case pouch
M9 bayonet with sheath
MILES (Multiple integrated laser engagement system)
Helmet mounted sensors
Torso mounted sensors
M89 simulator system firing laser
Green Key
M16A2 rifle
Rifle sling
Flash light
Blank-Firing Adapter
M16 mag x6
Handheld game console
Interactive play-cable
Trading Card game x3
Experimental urban combat skateboard (which is being used for manuevering inside buildings in order to detect tripwires and sniper fire)
Barcode: 6970569620312