CS018 Damtoys x Kow Yokoyama GansBoy-U2 1/12 action figure



Kow Yokoyama: Famous Japanese Illustrator & Toy Designer.
He is exceptional at mechanical sci-fi settings, and has the title of “Father of Science Fiction Military” in Japan. His work “Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000” (Ma.K) is loved by sci-fi enthusiasts all over the world.

First 1/12 Action Figure designed by Damtoys in collaboration with Mr. Kow Yokoyama, the father of Japanese Science Fiction Military: Pre-order Opens!
Through joint efforts with Mr. Yokoyama, the classic Ma.K Gans has finally been combined with the classic Damtoys U-2 Pilot, designed as an Action Figure with high play value.

The rich brushstrokes and color changes are faithful to the elaborate hand-painting technique advocated by Mr. Yokoyama, instead of traditional machine painting. Exploring based on the original design, a more detailed adjustment has made this Gans Boy even cuter & more well-proportionate. We use soft PVC material for details such as the antenna, which greatly improves both safety and play value.

Gans Boy U-2 is a Start: Follow Damtoys to see more Ma.K!

Materials: ABS, PVC, fabric
Comes with:
– Character main body
– Aviation Catering Supplies x2
– Suitcase