411-200250C – X-Plus TOHO 30cm Series Evangelion Unit-02 Beast “G” Mode (Renewal Version)

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ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 2nd Quarter of 2024*
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The forbidden collaboration project, “Godzilla vs. Evangelion.” This concept originated from a simple question “What if we injected G Cells into an Evangelion?” Thus, this version of Evangelion Unit-02 was born and follows in the footsteps of our “Evangelion Unit-01 ‘G’ Awakening Form” and features a completely new look. This menacing-looking figure which combines elements from Godzilla and the second form of Unit-02’s Beast Mode that appeared in the 2009 movie Evangelion 2.0: You Can Advance has been made into a model stretching to an impressive length of 38cm. This model features elements from Godzilla such as its rock-like skin, large dorsal plates and long tail which have been combined with Unit-02’s form after it became almost beast-like after having its limiter removed and has been posed to stare down its enemies with bone-chilling intimidation.

The paint of “Renewal Version” features additional details inspired by the combat scenes seen in the movie while also reproducing the familiar red and white color scheme belonging to Unit-02. Be sure to get this figure made only possible through this collab project into your collection and experience its original form and overwhelming presence! G Cells Highly invasive cells that cause an organism’s tissues to transform when the cells are incorporated with the organism. This incorporation of G Cells has caused many kaiju born in the Godzilla series to exhibit particular characteristics unique to the G Cells.

Series Title: TOHO 30cm Series
Product Name: EVANGELION Unit-02 Beast “G” Mode (Renewal Version)
Product Dimensions: Height: Approx. 30cm, Length: Approx. 38cm
Product Type: Complete Painted Figure
Materials: PVC