411-200130CP – X-Plus 1/35 Scale Plastic Model Kit – Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex

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One of the Largest Land Predators Brought Back from Extinction

Meet the T. Rex that made its way onto the big screen in the 1993 film “Jurassic Park”. The visitors of “Jurassic Park” were left sitting wide-eyed and paralyzed with fear as this “true dinosaur” made its way to the main road of the tour as the ground trembled beneath its feet. This plastic model kit will bring its collectors the thrill and perhaps even dread that they felt when they witnessed this scene for the first time.

An Impressive 1/35 Scale

It has been produced in 1/35 scale, the standard for military models. One will be able to truly feel the immense size of the T. Rex’s impressive scale towering next to the famous Dr. Ian Malcom.

Bringing You That Signature Plastic Model Kit Feel

All parts have been broken down and manufactured with high quality molds to capture the T. Rex’s proportions and intricate details seen in its skin. Plastic became the material of choice thanks to being light weight and highly durable, allowing for the model to be posed standing on one leg which can be a challenging pose to achieve when using PVC or poly resin. Collectors will be able to enjoy the organic feel that this model gives off as the thigh muscles visibly contract as she lifts her legs up and shifts her weight to one side.

Straight Out of the Movie

We’ve recreated the scene from the film where T. Rex is being lured away with flares as a diorama. This world where one can be seen with prehistoric beasts, rail-lined roads and electrified fences is one that can only be made possible through the universe of “Jurassic Park” where dinosaurs have been born once again into the modern age through Product.

Series Title: 1/35 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Product Name: Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex
Product Dimensions: Length: Approx.38cm (Including Base Approx. 42cm)
Product Type: Plastic Model Kit
Materials: HIPS