411-200099CP – X-Plus 1/35 Scale Plastic Model Kit – Jurassic Park Ⅲ Spinosaurus

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ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 4th Quarter of 2023*
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The Arrival of a New Predator

From the 2001 “Jurassic Park III”, the Spinosaurus left a powerful impression as the “dinosaur that defeated the T. rex” and we have brought this large, strong, and ferocious theropod to life in a 1/35 Scale Plastic Model Kit.

Capturing Lifelike Expressions Unique to Plastic Models

As this is a plastic model kit that offers both lightweight construction and durability, we’ve carefully selected dynamic poses that effectively convey a sense of ‘motion’. Notably, the highlight is the challenging single-legged stance, a pose often deemed challenging for polystatues or PVC figures.

Impressive 1/35 Scale

The kit includes a diorama base that draws inspiration from the movie’s climactic scene. When you compare the size of the sunken crane to that of the Spinosaurus, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for the sheer magnitude of this carnivorous dinosaur. Take note of the remarkable portrayal of size, a characteristic unique to scale models.

Series Title: 1/35 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Product Name: Jurassic Park Ⅲ Spinosaurus
Product Dimensions: Length: Approx. 41cm
Product Type: Plastic Model Kit
Materials: HIPS