303Toys MP004 The Military Marquis Yuchi Gong A.K.A Jingde



The 1/6th Scale Lv Bu Collectible Figure Specially Features:

One (1) head sculpture with magnetic golden hairpin
One (1) body
Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable palms (2 fists, 2 weapon holding hands, 2 relaxing hands and 2 open palms)
One (1) brown open cross-collar inner shirt
One (1) red coat
One (1) pair of dark brown trousers
One (1) pair of red culottes
One (1) pair of bronze caligas
One (1) gold monster buckle
One (1) pair of gem-attached leather belts
One (1) bronze cloud girdle
One (1) double-phoenix helmet
One (1) gold mask
One (1) suite of gold armor
One (1) pair of gold vambraces
One (1) pair of gold cuishes
One (1) black and red cloak
One (1) dragon-head blade
Two (2) iron whips
One (1) gem-attached sword
One (1) scabbard
One (1) black figure stand
Over 1000 pure bronze plates with leather underlay, hand made technics used for extreme effect