0833300968455 – KAUSTIC PLASTIK × INFINITE STATUE – Horror of Dracula – Dracula vs Van Helsing 1/6 Diorama

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ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL – 1st Quarter of 2025*
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Horror of Dracula – Dracula vs Van Helsing 1/6 Diorama is the extraordinary statue inspired by the 1958 film ‘Horror of Dracula’, by Hammer Films. This incredible diorama from Infinite Statue & Collectibles captures the essence of an epic confrontation. The statue features the diabolic Count Dracula, masterfully played by Christopher Lee, as he faces the valorous Van Helsing, played by Peter Cushing, in the shocking final fight. Made with great mastery and attention to detail, this statue praises the love for Horror classics and for these legendary actors. Once again, the artistic team at Infinite Statue & Collectibles transports us back in time, celebrating the eternal struggle between good and evil, and capturing eternity with this magnificent statue.


Scale: 1/6
Manufacturer: Infinite Statue & Kaustic Plastik
Product Size: inch. 11.02 x 16.93 x 15.94
Weight: 5 kg


Sculpt: Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi
Figure Paint: Dario Barbera
Art Direction: Fabio Berruti
Production Manager: Fabio Varesi